“You have to have money …” Pepillo Origel and his controversial response to those who criticized his trip to Miami to get vaccinated

The Mexican presenter mocked saying that to do what he did you need to “have money”; and this was only the beginning of his controversial statements.

When it was thought that the controversy generated by Mexican driver Juan José Origel had come to an end, a new detail emerged that added fuel to the fire.

And Pepillo, as he is known in Mexican entertainment, attacked those who criticized him for traveling to Miami to inject the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The controversial statements appeared during an interview he did on a YouTube channel, for the program “A Rhythm of Bohemia”.

“He is very proud and very vaccinated. I had been vaccinated against smallpox, whooping cough, but why all the fuss? … envy. You also have to have money to be able to travel ”; Juan José said mockingly.

Pepillo said he was outraged by the reaction of the haters, but assured that he did not care. “You have to forgive everything, if it barks because I’m going. They are very equal, I think that by throwing so much hatred on you, they will take your place “, he said.

I also take the opportunity to show that you do not understand that people do not understand the need to be vaccinated.

“Look, we have to think about what we’re going through now. This terrible pandemic “, the famous friend justified himself.

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When the controversy broke out

A few months ago, Origel posted on her Twitter account that she received the first dose of vaccine, without imagining the wave of criticism she would receive.

“She is already vaccinated. Thanks #usa. How sad that my country did not offer me that security “, was the message that the Mexican wrote to accompany the image of the moment when he received the injection. He did it through his official Twitter account.

He later used his networks again to announce when he received the second dose. However, before that, it was speculated that he would not be able to, as he could receive a sanction, as reported by the Mexican press, TVNotas.

The publication took over the statements of Héctor L. Frisbie, a surgeon and public health specialist, who revealed that Juan José is not a resident or citizen of the United States. Obviously, that never happened.