The hacker who guessed Trump’s Twitter password

What is the password for twitter from Donald Trump?

A Dutch hacker already guessed it: MAGA2020!

The acronym for Make America Great Again. U.S), motto of Trump, and the year they allowed Victor Gevers successfully connect to the president’s account.

Dutch prosecutors consider the hack to be proven, but say that Gevers will not be penalized for it “acted ethically”.

Gevers shared what he said were screenshots from Trump’s account on Oct. 22, during the final phase of the US presidential election.

But at the time, the White House denied that the president had been hacked and Twitter said it had no proof of this.

Regarding the latest investigations, Twitter said, “We have not seen any evidence to support this claim, including the article published in the Netherlands. We are proactively implementing account security measures for a targeted group of high-profile people related to elections in United States, including those from the federal government. “

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The White House has not responded to a request for additional comments on this matter.

Screenshot of Trump's Twitter account


Gevers shared this screenshot showing that he was editing the information on Donald Trump’s Twitter profile.

Gevers said he was very happy with the result.

“It’s not just about my job, it’s about all the volunteers looking for vulnerabilities on the Internet,” said the hacker.

Gevers, a cybersecurity researcher, said he conducted a semi-regular search of the Twitter accounts of high-profile U.S. election candidates on Oct. 16 when he guessed President Trump’s password.

Victor Gevers

Victor Gevers

Victor Gevers has been discovering security flaws in software and websites for 22 years.

The Dutch police said: “The hacker released the login himself.”

He later told police that he had investigated the security of the password because it was significant interests whether this Twitter account could be stolen shortly before the presidential election. “

Police sent their findings to US authorities, he added.

Gevers told agents he had much more evidence of the ‘hack’.

In theory he could see all information about the president, including:

  • photos and private messages

  • privately marked tweets

  • how many people had I blocked

The president’s account, that has 89 million followers, now she’s safe.

However, Twitter declined to answer direct questions from the BBC, even though the account had additional security or logs that would have shown an unknown login.

Earlier this year, Gevers also claimed that he and other security researchers were password-logged in to Trump’s Twitter account in 2016, “you are fired(you got fired), linked to one of his other social media accounts in a previous data breach.