Mackenzie Scott, world’s richest woman, donates $ 4 billion to coronavirus sufferers

| 17/12/2020 – 21:18 (GMT-4)

In the past four months, MacKenzie Scott has donated $ 4.158 million and a half to 384 charities spread across the 50 states of the United States, its capital Washington DC and Puerto Rico, the co-owner of the Amazon empire explained in a Medium platform publication .

The fate of such a fortune is none other than to alleviate the economic needs of families who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and who are part of that society that once helped the company run by his former partner, Jeff Bezos, grow.

This is not the first time Mackenzie has made such a gesture. By July, it had already donated $ 1.68 billion to nonprofits. This time, she invites her counselors to help her “accelerate” her contributions to those affected.

In the same month he wrote: “Last year I made a commitment to return most of my wealth to the society that contributed to its generation, to do it carefully, to start early and to continue to do so until when the safe is empty ”.

“Like many, we watched the first half of 2020 with a mixture of anxiety and horror. Life will never stop finding new ways to expose inequalities in our systems; or wake up with the fact that such an unbalanced civilization is not only unjust but also unstable, “he warned.

Through huge donations, Mackenzie focuses largely on benefiting the sectors most affected by the pandemic, which include women, blacks and those living in poverty.

Jeff Bezos became the first person to reach $ 200 billion in human history, just in times of pandemic, thanks to the gigantic flow of online sales on his Amazon platform, with increases of up to 13,000 million in a single day.

To put this fortune in the best hands, the team of philanthropists relied on seeking suggestions and information from hundreds of field experts, funders and nonprofit leaders and volunteers with decades of experience.

Thousands of pages of data on community needs were included, as well as hundreds of e-mails and telephone interviews. The achievements of non-profit organizations and their capabilities have also been imitated in this process.

Scott founded Amazon with her ex-husband in the garage of the house they shared in New York, as a platform for selling books on the Internet, and is currently the richest woman on the planet, with a total of $ 67.4 billion in wealth. personal. Her estate has increased by 81% since August 2019, shortly after she signed her divorce from Bezos.

The billionaire details that the donation includes food banks, emergency aid funds “and support services for the most vulnerable”. The money will also support legal defense funds “that take over institutional discrimination”.

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