Kevin Durant gave a very strange interview with Charles Barkley

Kevin Durant’s impressive return: 22 points, five rebounds, three assists and an extremely awkward interview.

After the Nets’ 125-99 win over the Warriors, Durant gave a short interview to TNT’s “Inside the NBA.” The questions asked by Charles Barkley and the crew were mainly answered by one-word answers.

Later, Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal began teasing Durant with a series of selfless questions and answers.

The striker’s interview came a week after Barkley eviscerated Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving for boycotting the press. According to USA Today, Barkley later said he believed this was the reason for Durant’s special responses.

It was just the beginning of the weirdness of the network interview. After Clippers’ 117-109 victory over the Lakers in a nightgown, Paul George was asked about him and Kawhi Leonard, who received “preferential treatment” as a team last season.

After George’s direct response, Barkley and Smith debated the issue while George waited awkwardly.