Add a gloomy and depressing hostility to your life with a free copy of Metro 2033 from Epic

Happy celebrations!

Ten years ago, 2033 seemed a long way off, and the idea of ​​an imminent apocalyptic collapse of civilization seemed far away. Now, just 12 years away and with a life-changing global virus under our belt, it’s not that funny! Metro 2033 better not become a prophetic documentary.

Get started on the horrors that await you with a free copy of Metro 2033 Redux on the Epic Game Store. It’s not the holiday vibes you feel good about. There is snow, though! That should matter for something.

If you keep track, Epic offered Alien: Isolation and Metro 2033 back in the day. Someone’s trying to burn your nerves. Come back tomorrow when Epic will probably offer a game about losing an international flight because your connecting plane was delayed or a game about sleeping until the final exams in college. Epic brings zero noise to the holidays.

Metro 2033 Redux [Epic Games Store]