Zeke, Pollard “Pretty tandem” at RB

“He has an extraordinary outburst, as everyone can see. But he’s also just a very general football player in his position,” Jones said on 105.3 Fan on Tuesday. “Poate He can only be a part of the defense and you see it.”

Depending on how the week goes, Elliott could return from injury for Sunday’s critical game against Philadelphia. With slim playoff hopes still possible, the offensive would have the complementary duo back in the game.

“There are two different types of backs,” Jones said. “… Zeke is a great weapon for football because physicality has an impact, he wears out and wins when he can be a part of not making so many mistakes that I have made many times (on offense) when I saw that earlier this year.

“I always knew that with Pollard, I had an alternative there, which was another way of doing it, but a good way of doing it. They make a tandem. ”