Xbox unveils exclusive Mandalorian controllers

Xbox launches the special edition of the Xbox Series X-themed controllers after Mandalorian as lottery prizes, to celebrate the end of season 2 of the show.

Microsoft is partnering with Disney + to produce new ones Xbox Series X. Hit-inspired controllers Star Wars TV show, Mandalorianul. This is not the first unlikely partnership Xbox has entered into to promote its new console. Last month, the Bojangles fast food chain unveiled a special console for the Xbox Series X, dressing the state-of-the-art system as a box of fried chicken from Bojangles. This bizarre crossover was won by a single lucky follower on Twitter.

If nothing more can be said for the launch of the new generation of consoles, at least it was full of events. Both the X Series and its competitor, the PlayStation 5, were launched in November with great fanfare and sold out immediately. The COVID-19 pandemic has a great influence on the production of consoles, and the demand is, in a word, greedy. Scalpers used robots to penetrate and pick up hundreds of consoles before law-abiding customers had a chance to secure their cars, and retailers simply couldn’t keep up. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous resellers were rewarded for their shady behavior; scalpers have made profits of nearly $ 60 million since the new consoles hit the shelves.

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About: Mandalorian’s new Xbox controller seems to be made of Beskar

But these critical supply chain hurdles have not stopped Xbox from rewarding those lucky customers who have managed to get their hands on a new console. Today Xbox Wire (via Game Rant) announced a pair of Xbox Series X special edition themed controllers after Mandalorianul. As the show does not tragically have an adaptation for video games, these controllers are released to celebrate the premiere of the season 2 finale of the show on December 18th. One controller depicts the Child exercising force, while the other depicts the titular Mandalorian, adorned in his iconic Beskar armor. Controllers are not available for retail sale; fans will have to redistribute Xbox Twitter posting lottery to enter for a chance to win these exclusive accessories, which will be sent in a special Star Wars– thematic mailer.

It may seem strange for Xbox to offer fans themed accessories after a TV show instead of a video game, but it makes sense in context. In November, Xbox entered into another partnership with Disney and now offers a free 30-day trial of Disney + for people who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is a good way for dedicated Xbox fans to regain success Star Wars show in time for the premiere and, if they are very lucky, in time for the arrival of their new special edition controllers.

Cross-promotions are nothing new in the video game industry. Microsoft, in particular, loves them; in fact, the company has landed in a bit of controversy recently due to offering more themed snack promotions Halo Infinite, even though that game was quite notoriously delayed and won’t even be released until next year. Some of these promotions make more sense than others, and some of them are certainly more foreign than others. But the fans Mandalorianul it would be difficult to discuss this special edition Xbox Series X. controllers.

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Source: Xbox Wire (via Game Rant) Xbox

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