William Levy and Carmen Villalobos go to a party in Colombia and show it in networks

Besides the fact that they are distribution colleagues in the new version of the soap opera Women’s fragrant coffee, Carmen Villalobos and William Levy They are also good friends who, in addition to their talent, share the fact that they love to live every moment of their lives with the best company.

Therefore, in the midst of the recordings of this new project by RCN and Telemundo, in which they join forces for fiction for the second time, the beloved actors could not stop taking a moment outside the forum to have fun together one night in Colombia , a country that received the Cuban a few weeks ago with great warmth.

Carmen Villalobos, spending time with her teammates woman’s fragrant coffee

Through her Instagram account, the actress shared several images with which she boasted how delicious she spent last weekend during a special meeting under the new normal with Levy, some friends and members of the cast recover of this novel, written by Fernando Gaitán, in a restaurant in Chía, a municipality in the department of Cundinamarca.

As part of a break from filming, the actors decided to go out as friends Mabel Moreno, María De Brigard, Coquito Habana, Mónica Garcés and, of course, her husband Carmen, the actor Sebastian Caicedo, to enjoy a magical evening in which everyone present had fun in a warm atmosphere dancing, frying, laughing, singing vallenatos and eating the best of Colombian cuisine.

In this way, the performer, who returns to soap operas with this project after years of absence, was able to enjoy and know a little more about this country where his comrades received him with so much affection while he is away from the beautiful family he formed with the couple, Elizabeth Gutierrez, and his sons, Christopher and Kailey.

Beautiful energy … very nice and kind people“The actor said at the foot of one of the post of the night of friends shared by Carmen Villalobos on her profile. He also loaded some unforgettable pieces of the night into his fairy tales on the social platform.

Of course, the videos and photos posted by the actress “Lucía Sanclemente”, who immortalized this pleasant outing to disappoint her daily state of haste, caused a stir on the social network, where users did not take long to react massively celebrating the sea. relationship that co-workers have and how beautiful they all looked.

Beautiful bouquet“,” Great team “,” Very nice all! ‘ “We like this combo“,” Luxury this “,” What beautiful photos. How nice to see that they are friends “,” How nice, it was already correct “and”What a great team. Very nice and cute “, were some of the comments recorded in the publications.

He recover of the soap opera that played in 1994 by Guy Ecker and Margarita Rosa de Francisco It will land on screens in Colombia and the United States in 2021.

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