“Will this end the way Tayshia wants to do this?”

Usually, at this time of the season “The Bachelorette”, viewers have a pretty strong idea of ​​who will choose the main lady as her future fiancé. But with Tayshia Adams’ two-part finale starting tonight, a winner isn’t as obvious as it was in past seasons.

Adams joined “The Bachelorette” as a replacement for the original star Clare Crawley, who found love early with contestant Dale Moss, leaving the season only a few weeks inside. This was an unprecedented turn of events for the meeting place. But host Chris Harrison says the change isn’t necessarily the reason a clear winner hasn’t emerged.

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“At the end of the day, she got almost the exact same time that all the other Bachelorettes have,” Harrison says of Adams’ meetings on television.

“I just think she doesn’t have a guy, which makes her so tough. It really makes the range, ”says Harrison. “It took us a little longer to get to know these guys and I think it took a little longer for Tayshia to get to know them on a deeper level, so I think it’s only now that you get to the flesh of these guys who carry their souls. to her and really falling in love. But it took a little longer. “

Moving on to Monday night’s episode, Adams’ finalists were Zac Clark, Ivan Hall and Brendan Morais. Last week, Adams shockingly sent fan favorite Ben Smith, who opened up about his mental health during the season. In the final promotions, Adams is seen crying hysterically at what appears to be the location of his potential proposal.

Teasing how the journey will end, Harrison says, “I can tell you that these men fall in love with Tayshia and that Tayshia falls in love. The big question is, “Will it end the way Tayshia wants?”

If Tayshia’s search for love ends in a proposal, she is in the air and the host remains a mother.

“Tayshia, I can tell you, is ready for a proposal. She wants that. He wants to find that, “Harrison said. “But will these men be ready to take this step?” That is the big question. “

Previous seasons have seen upheavals after the cameras no longer run. For example, former “Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Becca Kufrin and got hired at the end of TV; but in the next two months, he changed his mind, realized he was in love with another contestant, Lauren Burnham, and broke up with Kufrin, who was later edited in the season. (Kufrin became a Bachelorette, while Luyendyk Jr. and Burnham got married, have a baby, and are currently expecting twins.)

When asked if Adams’ season took dramatic steps after the production ended, Harrison says, “After we stop recording, you never know, because life takes over. I saw everything from switches and coming back to other people. Clare and Dale seem to be doing well right now and I hope they will continue to do so, and Bachelor Nation will see where Tayshia is from the end of production until now – that’s the million dollar question. “

Speaking of Crawley and Moss, will the happy couple finally show up for any kind of update?

“I think their updates are kind of done because you know where they are,” Harrison reveals. “There is nothing to update. Now, you only see them on social networks. He’s doing great. “

With the major discontinuation and production of the casting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this season of “The Bachelorette” was literally the most dramatic franchise it has ever seen.

When production for “The Bachelorette” was postponed, the season was pushed from spring to fall. The next season of “The Bachelor” – starring Matt James – has managed to get back on track and will usually premiere in the first week of January (though, like Crawley and Adams, James and filmed the season in a quarantine bubble at a resort.) However, the summer series “Bachelor In Paradise” was a victim of the pandemic, which could never be filmed again in 2020.

So will Bachelor Nation see a Bachelor In Paradise season in 2021?

“Knock on the wood,” says Harrison. “If you have wood, knock on it!”

After James’ season of “The Bachelor” airs this winter, the next season of “Bachelorette” will go into production and air in the spring, as usual. Then, if travel restrictions are safe enough to send the production to Mexico, “Bachelor In Paradise” will be filming for a summer season.

“Like the rest of the world, we’re waiting for these vaccines and waiting to see if the world will change the way we all hope,” Harrison said. “What we’re hearing from doctors and the CDC is that it can happen until mid-spring and it would be great for us because we don’t shoot ‘Paradise’ until the summer, so it would give us time for the vaccine to really change. the things. “

“My hope is that we will return to the beaches of Mexico making ridiculous decisions this summer,” he says.

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