Why did Adela Noriega retire from television?

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- name Mexican actress Adela Noriega she once again became a trend on social media after a new rumor broke out about her sudden decision to give up her prominent television career.

It has been more than 12 years since the actress’ fans saw her in the last song in a melodrama. Today many still wonder what happened to her.

Ever since he decided to get out of the spotlight, Noriega he has kept a low profile, so little is known about his current life.

About the decision to give up acting, it was rumored that it was because of the relationship she had with him former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, with whom he would have had a child.

Although they tried to keep their romance a secret, when the scandal became public, it overshadowed his career in soap operas, so he left the country and took refuge in the United States. Over time he returned to the country and played “Real Love” and “The Privilege of Love.”

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His last major role was in the soap opera “Fire in the Blood” in 2008 and then disappeared without a trace.

Based in the United States

Years later, it was known that the famous would have a real estate agency in Miami, United States.

A few weeks ago, another rumor circulated on social networks and it is alleged that Noriega decided to leave because of a problem he had after going through Lancet.

According to various forums about the actress, in an attempt to “improve” her image, the famous woman looked for a plastic surgeon who did not do the job she was waiting for, a situation that determined her to stay away from recording sets.