Who is the MVP? Coach of the year?

McDermott is the winner here for the second year in a row, after leading the Bills to their first AFC East title in 1995, with the best record (11-3) of any team whose opponents’ winning percentage is over .500. He received 7.5 votes to defeat Kevin Stefanski of Cleveland (6.5) and Brian Flores of Miami (6). “It’s easy to overlook, because they’ve been such a steady, progressing program,” said an NFC executive about McDermott, who is now 36-26 years old with three trips to the playoffs in four seasons. “But I think they still have to get credit for a team that hasn’t been in the playoffs for a very long time, hasn’t won a division in a very long time and just won a division that has been a monopoly for 20 years. ” Despite the challenges associated with COVID-19, which shut down NFL facilities and eliminated off-season practices and pre-season games, Stefanski turned the Browns into his first season as head coach. They are 10-4 and end their first playoff bid since 2002; The other four first-year NFL coaches are 20-36 combined. “Off the field is probably where he did best,” said another executive. “The fact that it was a quarantine (but he) changed the whole culture quickly. Everyone bought it. I just think it’s such an invigorating change from what they had, and they receive it and have a good staff. They They don’t do things just to do them – there’s always a reason. “Flores also has the Dolphins in the AFC playoffs in his second season, having somehow won five games with a list of bare bones in 2019. “What he’s doing with that team is really impressive,” said a third executive. “Defensively, they’ve exceeded expectations. I think they have talent there, but they play above their level of talent. And they have a style and they dictate the pace of the game.” Andy Reid of Kansas City and Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh received one vote each.