What I was afraid of !, Armando Manzanero was intubated

Maria Elena Manzanero, the daughter of the famous composer Armando Manzanero issued a statement about the health of her father on behalf of him and his entire family, in which he shares the fact that the Yucatecan was intubated.

According to Maria Elena, her father had a severe physical exhaustion, because, at any moment, and since he entered the hospital, he kept up to date with his mobile phone, responding to expressions of affection and support from loved ones and relatives. Derived from this situation, the doctors decided that it is best for Armando Manzanero and his respiratory system to rest, they are distractions, seeking to promote his speedy recovery.

Even if he Yucatecan composer was intubated, the family and specialists point out that there is an improvement in the health of the famous. It seems that in recent hours, Manzanero has received less mechanical oxygenation, as his lungs receive more and more oxygen on their own.

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This news can cause a huge agitation, because it was known that the singer-songwriter Nada personally expressed his desire not to be intubated if his health was complicated. However, María Elena Manzanero said her father changed his mind once in the hospital.

Armando Manzanero, 85, gave his consent to be intubated and to receive mechanical breathing, according to the statement that was published to the press.

The text also indicates that it was on 13 December when Yucateco He traveled to Mérida, Yucatán to receive a tribute for his artistic career and at that event he was completely healthy and without any trace of Covid-19. Only two days later, the beloved composer began to show discomfort and have trouble breathing when he was at a recording in Mexico City.

His daughter said she received oxygen support and medical care from the first moment. Manzanero began to be treated at home, but it seems that things got complicated and he was hospitalized on December 17, just two days after receiving the diagnosis.

What alerted his followers enormously was that the singer used video calls to talk to his relatives and ask them that if his health condition was complicated, he was not intubated and they let him go. .

His close friend Carlos Cuevas said the singer-songwriter knew that most people who are intubated do not survive or have some consequences and assured: Armando Manzanero I didn’t want to go through this situation.

Cuevas shared that due to the incubation time and the sanitary measures that were followed in the Mérida tribute, he does not believe that it was in that place that the famous 85-year-old bought Covid-19. He stressed that healthy distance and the use of facial masks were respected at all times and that Professor Manzanero gave an excellent show during the event in which he was present.

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According to the statement, the health of the Yucatecan composer is improving, despite his advanced age and complications from diabetes. He stressed that the famous man has shown extraordinary strength since he entered the hospital and expects the rapid recovery of Armando Manzanero.

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