“What Golovkin said about killing De La Hoya in the ring is stupid,” Canelo said.

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez assured that it seems to him that the recent statements of Gennady Golovkin that I could seize the opportunity to kill legally Oscar de la Hoya, in the ring, if you insist on fighting.

“I think what he’s saying is stupid,” he said Canelo in interview for Social boxing. «Because in boxing you can kill someone and nothing happens, I don’t do anything to you. He (Golovkin) tried, but couldn’t. ‘

He Canelo he makes sure that boxing is to hurt the opponent, but not to try to kill him.

“What he’s saying is stupid after all, because you can’t say that, it’s not human to say that,” The Canelo. «In boxing you want to end up hurting your opponent as much as possible, but not to kill him, that’s why I think what he says (Golovkin) is pure shit and is not human.

Gennady Golovkin he recently talked about his interest Óscar De La Hoya to return to boxing and fight the Kazakh. Golovkin warned that he could seize the opportunity to legally kill in the ring From the pot.

“You already know Oscaryou know how dirty her mouth is, “he said Golovkin in statements to the agency AFP through a translator. «Everything involved Gennady Golovkin it’s a nightmare for him. He can say anything. But let me say this: If I had the opportunity to legally kill someone in the ring, I could take her.

The Kazakh fighter is scheduled to return to action tomorrow Kamil Szeremeta, his obligatory challenger of the middleweight championship in International Boxing Federation that he owns.

The weighing ceremony took place today and both boxers complied with the agreed weight.

Where to watch Golovkin vs Szeremeta?

In the Billboard Box we have the answer; We tell you where to watch the fight, on which channel and also at what time you can enjoy it.

In the meantime, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez scheduled the weigh-in tomorrow for his Saturday night fight against the British Calum Smith.

Both will contest super-medium belts WITH, which is owned by Smith, and the vacancy of CMB.

The fight will take place at Alamadome Stadium in San Antonio, Texas and at Billboard Box tells you all the details about where to watch the fight, on which channel and also at what time in your country.