Watch Paul McCartney’s new music video for “Find My Way”

Paul McCartney has released a video for “Find My Way”, the first single from his new film McCartney III album.

The exuberant melody finds Sir Paul playing over an upbeat drum and a guitar groove, with layers of horns, vocal harmonies and percussion highlighting various points of the song. The lyrics indicate the strange experience of living by 2020, as McCartney sings: “You’ve never been afraid of days like these / And now you’re overwhelmed by your anxieties / Let me help you, let me be your guide / I can help you reach the love you feel inside.”

Meanwhile, the video sees McCartney in his home studio recording every element of the song. The clip shows the Beatles icon singing, humming the guitar, playing the piano and setting a rhythm behind the kit.

Watch the video for “Find My Way” below.

McCartney began suggesting a new album in mid-October, when video teasers and cryptic images began appearing on social media, all heading to number three. McCartney III is the rocker ‘s third solo album after the 1970s McCartney and the 1980s McCartney II, which he himself handled all the singing and instrumental pieces.

Although the new version surprised many fans, the former Beatle alluded to the new material in an interview in August GQ. “I’m terribly sorry for all the less fortunate and obviously all those who lost their loved ones, but I was lucky,” McCartney said as he discussed the COVID-19 pandemic. “I managed to write and start music, starting songs, ending songs. I had a few small things to write and it gave me time to finish some songs that I couldn’t find to surround myself with. , you know? I recorded using a lot of hand towels and disinfectant and social distancing, which was good because I don’t like not working. “

Despite the pandemic, McCartney had a lively 2020. In addition to his new material, the rocker adapts his children’s book Up in the clouds in an animated film for Netflix. A special reissue from 1997 Flaming Pie and a 50-year limited edition McCartney came out earlier this year.