Warframe early 2021 updates: everything we know

Warframe developer Digital Extremes unveiled a number of upcoming content on Twitch last Wednesday, including a look at the game’s next operation. In 2021, we can expect much more to come to the free-to-play space-shooter ninja game.

The first addition is Queenpins. These enemies are high-tech corporate assassins, who are the Corpus counterpart of the Grineer Lich system that debuted in 2019. When players defeat their Queenpin, they will receive new ephemerals, which create impressive visual auras around the player.

The new Corpus missions come in the Railjack system, which means that instead of fighting exclusively on foot, players will be able to fight these hypercapitalists from space. Liches and Queenpins will both appear in Railjack missions, serving as the final boss. This feature was originally released at TennoCon 2018, but was cut to send the Empyrean update.

Another piece of Empyrean arrives in 2021: the Command Intrinsics tree. At this point, players rely on each other to run a successful Railjack to level the intrinsic trees related to piloting, artillery, engineering and so on. The command tree means you can go ahead and do it yourself, and an NPC crew will be on Railjack to help you. You can hire Fortuna crew members or use your own fluids that you have defeated and converted, then you can customize and train your crew. Players will even be able to equip their crew in their arsenal, so that retirees entering their ship will encounter an ugly surprise.

There is no exact release date for these additions in 2021 Warframeand Corpus Railjack, Queenpins, and Command Intrinsics tree missions may be launched in separate patches. However, they should be “close enough” to each other, Digital Extremes said, and players will learn more about Warframethe next patches of the new year.

Operation: Orphix Venom is now live Warframeand will run until January 18, 2021.