Waiters’ advice can be drawn from restaurant owners in the latest Trump administration law, report says

One of the final laws launched by the Trump administration will allow restaurant chefs to save money by taking advice from serving staff to help pay for kitchens and rear dishwashers. According to Business Insider, the new rule was published on Tuesday by the Department of Labor. It is supposed to allow restaurants to pay the staff in the back room, using advice given to the staff in front of the house – actually taking that expense from the business owners and placing it on the workers. Cheryl Stanton, administrator of the Department of Labor’s wages and hours division, said the rule could “reduce wage disparities among all workers who contribute to the customer experience.” The new rule will not take effect until Trump leaves the White House, so it is possible that President-elect Joe Biden can work to overturn it. Paid employees can earn from their employer only $ 2.13 per hour.

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