(VIDEO) Report that five members of the “Mission: Impossible 7” team resign after Tom Cruise “exploded” back on set

Five members of the recording team for the film “Mission Impossible 7” resigned after American actor Tom Cruise exploded for the second time against his collaborators on the recording set, an anonymous source told The Sun.

According to the British press, the tensions within the team increased on Tuesday, after Cruise’s anger against the workers for non-compliance with the sanitary measures to prevent coronavirus infections was made public, and the actor threatened to fire them.

“The tension has been rising for months and this was the last straw,” the source said. “Since it was made public [el primer altercado]”There was more anger and more employees left,” he added.

Similarly, the informant pointed out that the actor is very stressed by filming the tape and the difficulties involved in filming in the middle of the pandemic. Tom can’t stand after all they did to continue filming. He is upset that others do not take him as seriously as he does, “he said.

According to reports, Cruise has invested large sums of money to maintain adequate sanitation throughout the filming. He even rented a yacht so that “staff” members could remain isolated. However, at least 12 team members have already contracted COVID-19, forcing production to temporarily stop filming.