Vicente Fernández Jr. places a restraining order on Karina Ortegón

Vicente Fernández Jr. revealed that he filed a civil lawsuit for extortion and a restriction order against Karina Ortegon, his ex-wife; however, he declined to provide details about these lawsuits.

“I would prefer my lawyer, Mr Carlos Bermúdez, to talk about these issues, together with lawyer Guillermo Pous, because this is active.”, he said in an interview for the program “First hand ‘.

Recall that the businesswoman first issued a restraining order against the interpreter because she accused him domestic violence; In addition, he stated that he had fled the house they had shared because of his aggressive behavior towards her.

fernández ortegón family divorce

However, in the broadcast of the shows they presented a video of the last day in which the woman was in the mentioned property, on January 10, 2020, and they are seen goodbye Cordial between kisses and hugs.

In the same clip, it is seen that Ortegón and his children move their belongings, despite the fact that she stated that he kept their things.

“He took out everything he had to get (…) Me with a boy with a mustache, and a skirt and heels, of course not, why do I want them? Fernández Jr.

vicente fernández jr restraining order of his ex

In short, in one part of the video, from their gestures, they seem to be arguing; About this, the singer-songwriter claimed that he is calm, but his ex was upset and told him that if he forgot something, he would send someone to pick him up.

On the other hand, the singer assured that she was not called to the authorities to testify about the complaint against her for the alleged “touching” of her daughter, who is Less old.

“The confrontation was not convened or made at the Prosecutor’s Office, but test relevant, and the Public Ministry together with the judge will decide on what is left “, said.

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In October, the civil marriage of Vicente Fernández Jr. and Karina Ortegón was dissolved after they got married on August 12, 2017.

Here is the video that would show that Karina Ortegón left Vicente Fernández Jr.’s house in peace:

This is how the singer spoke about the clip: