Verizon’s 5G nationwide may be slower than the LTE network, tests show

Verizon’s new nationwide 5G network is slower than its LTE network, to the point where users seem to be better off just turning off 5G altogether, unless they’re close to a mmWave network. The results come from tests performed by PC MagazineSascha Sagan, who indicates the dynamic sharing of the spectrum or DSS, as the culprit.

The technology allows operators to run LTE and 5G networks side by side, which is useful if, like Verizon, you don’t have enough dedicated 5G spectrum yet. While the operator has largely focused on its mmWave network until recently, it has also started launching a nationwide mid-range 5G network, which promises to avoid mmWave range issues by using DSS. The only problem is that with Verizon, it seems that this technology leads to poorer performance in most cases for phones running in 5G mode.

The solution, at least for now, is to turn off only 5G if you’re a Verizon customer. If you’re concerned about speed compared to your T-Mobile customers’ friends, don’t worry too much: in the national speed test earlier this year, PC Magazine found that T-Mobile 5G can often be slower than Verizon LTE, even if it uses dedicated 5G bands. The same national test also revealed that 5G ATG may be slower than its LTE – which makes sense, given that it also uses DSS technology for its 5G network.

Results from PC Magazine they were only made in New York, so if you have a 5G phone on Verizon, it might be helpful to check to see if you’re actually getting higher speeds with 5G turned on. If you are not, it may be worth the complete stop for the time being. It’s also probably just a temporary issue – as Verizon continues to add a dedicated 5G spectrum, their speed will improve.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to Verizon’s mmWave technology, which is much faster than any other carrier has to offer. However, while mmWave has speed, it has no range and can be blocked by trees, buildings and sometimes even windows. But if you often find that the 5G UB logo appears on your phone and you need this speed, it would be worth keeping 5G, even if it could lead to slowdowns when you go out of range.