US records new hospitalization record and daily deaths from covid-19 exceed 3,400 | Univision Health News

“Our darkest days are coming in the fight against covid-19,” warns Biden and urges the United States to protect itself this Christmas

President-elect Joe Biden said on Tuesday afternoon that “the darkest days” in efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic “are ahead, not behind us.”

The incumbent president on January 20 promised the country to tell the truth, in an underestimated critique of President Donald Trump, who at the beginning of the global public health crisis claimed it was a lie. and that it would go fast.

Biden urged Americans to prepare for what is to come, especially since the peak of deaths, new infections and hospitalizations is the worst time.

More than 320,000 deaths have already been reported since the pandemic broke out earlier this year, with more than 18 million infected.

“One thing I promise you about my leadership during this crisis: I will tell you directly, I will tell you the truth. Here’s the simple truth: our darkest days in the fight against COVID are yet to come, not behind. among us, “said the democratic leader.

Biden made his remarks in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

“No matter how frustrating it is to listen, it will take patience, perseverance and determination to defeat this virus. There will be no time to waste in taking the necessary steps to reverse this crisis.”