Trump lives up to his threat and vetoes massive defense laws | Univision News US Elections 2020

Following President Trump’s surprise gesture of refusing to sign the new stimulus package, the bill’s text is on track to be ‘reopened’ in Congress, creating uncertainty about what’s next.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, an ally of the president, suggested on Twitter that the president could back the economic stimulus package and would try to include a new point this time: the well-known section 230.

“I support President Donald Trump’s demand to increase direct payments for long-suffering Americans to $ 2,000 per person. And I also support your call for an end to Section 230 liability protections of major technology. We are going to vote ”, he said.

“I hope House Speaker Pelosi agrees with the President that Big Tech should be scrutinized by removing Section 230 liability protections … I have reason to believe that this combination will lead to President Trump’s bills. . of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Law) and of COVID-19, “he added.

Trump threatened to veto the NDAA’s defense spending bill, escalating struggles with Congress when it was passed by majorities, in part because it didn’t include a provision to repeal Section 230. Last week, the House of Representatives passed the NDAA with 335-78 votes, the Senate with 84-13 votes. The NDAA has been passed without issue for the past 59 years.

What is Section 230 about?

Section 230 of a law known as the Communications Decency Act is what provides protection to social media platforms for the content that users post on their site.

The law states that internet service providers cannot be held responsible for the content circulating on the network, which sets them apart from traditional media.

Trump has tried to remove that section, arguing that social media platforms are using them to target conservatives.

If this were the case, the president could gear the future of the stimulus package to a new complication.