Travis Kelce is about to set a one-season record for receiving backyard play

Travis Kelce is on the verge of breaking the record for a single season of receiving tight ends.

With 1,318 receiving meters heading into Sunday’s incline against the Atlanta Falcons, the Kansas City Chiefs’ TE needs 60 meters to break the record set by George Kittle in 2018 (1,377).

“If you look at history and look at the tight seasons he has had, he must have one of the best in catching the ball and be an offensive player,” boasted quarterback Patrick Mahomes with his teammate on ESPN. “It simply came to our notice then.

“It’s really a special season with a tight ending and not just a tight ending, it’s just a player, a game changer.”

With an average of 94.1 meters per game, Kelce is ready to break the record. In the same year, Kittle set the current mark, KC TE won 1,336 meters, placing it in second place of all time. With this season’s production, Kelce became the only tight end in NFL history, with over 1,300 welcoming yards over several seasons. He is also the only TE in NFL history with over 1,000 receiving yards in 5 seasons (Kelce has done so in each of the last 5).

Kelce attributes his unique athleticism, which allows him to open up where other close fights end.

“The possibility of getting a big body to change direction, I think, is huge,” Kelce said. “I don’t think a lot of tight ends incorporate enough. I got a lot out of the game of hockey when I was younger, being able to play both inside and outside the skates, as well as on the basketball court, being able to I put my foot on the ground and cross myself.

“Just being able to incorporate other sports into my game definitely helped me.”

Kelce also has 98 receptions in 2020, five shy of his own record of heads for a single season (103 in 2018) and two shy receptions to become the first TE in NFL history with 100 receptions in several seasons.

Pro Bowler has won 8 plus receptions in each of his last seven games, the longest TE series of at least 1950, for NFL Research.

Kelce is currently second in the playoffs, just six behind DeAndre Hopkins. If he could jump wide, Kelce could become the first tight end to lead the NFL in receiving the courts for a season.

Kelce has always been a productive player, but the 31-year-old has reached another level, combined with the game of Muhammad’s other world and Andy Reid’s friendly scheme to form an unstoppable force. TE can remove smaller defenders, overtake bigger and slower players, and find gaps in any defense. His relationship with Muhammad about the destroyed pieces is magical.

“The biggest thing about the route that runs for me is to know where the defense is, to know the coverage,” he said. “Once you know the cover, you can now start manipulating the defense. You can start fooling them in a way that you will go and where you want to open up.”

Kelce easily opens few to his position can boast. On Sunday, he could set a one-season record for his position, putting the stamp on NFL history.