Total chaos: the dogs are “loaded” for Christmas by the Beckham family

Beckhams is a pineapple and have been proven for more than a decade. David and Victoria have always shown how close they are to their four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, and whenever they have the opportunity, they post family portraits or small videos of their day on social networks. And now, With the arrival of Christmas, the businesswoman wanted her four children to pose for Christmas. than to be able to share with his over 28.8 million followers on Instagram.

“Christmas kisses! Lots of love from all of us”, wrote the former Spice Girl along with a beautiful photo of her entire brood, in which they all appear smiling “wearing” a series of Christmas decorations which Victoria herself included in the image through the digital edition. The idyllic snapshot stunned Beckham fans, but as Victoria herself revealed, the process of immortalizing the stamp was not exactly smooth.

And it is the fact that the three dogs of the family did not want to miss the picture, causing a major agitation that was gathered in a fun “takeoff” video. In it, Victoria is heard trying to give instructions to her children, who are sitting in front of the Christmas tree, while his pets, unable to remain still, manage to destroy the composition again and again. “Catch the dogs!” The exasperated businesswoman is heard saying towards the end of the video.

“Backstage … Never work with children or animals !!”, wrote next to the Victoria post, between laughing emoticons. Several celebrities, such as Emma Bunton, “Baby Spice” or actress Reese Whiterspoon, commented on the publication with affectionate messages.

On the other hand, and although there is no sign of David in the video, Victoria managed to photograph him in another moment of the Christmas spirit: in front of a Santa Claus, with some bells in his hand and wearing a hilarious mask on: “I met Santa Claus tonight in a very festive mask”wrote in the picture. So one thing is clear: Beckham’s Christmas is lived with great enthusiasm.