Tom Cruise Dating Mission Impossible: 7 co-star Hayley Atwell

Happy couple, following the guidelines for social distancing.
Photo: Mondadori portfolio through Getty Im

Wow, were you looking at that moment? A few days after Tom Cruise went viral because he was ballistic to the crew of Mission impossible: 7 for violating the COVID-19 protocols which would have led to 5 crew members giving up the film, Daily mail says Tom Cruise has started dating his co-star, Criminalthis is Hayley Atwell. In a confused attempt by Cruise’s publicist to change the negative press around him – errr I mean, in a series of totally timed events, by chance, a “source” said on Thursday. Sun. that the 58-year-old Cruise and 38-year-old Atwell had become “quite inseparable” and that “they started on the first day.” The anonymous source further says that the blocking restrictions aroused their romance. “The blockade and all the difficulties that came to him, brought them even closer,” said the mysterious person who is certainly not on Cruise’s payroll. “They met after school, and she was at his pad in London. She’s doing great and they both look very happy. “Interesting, very interesting. Well, in any case, we hope that the happy couple will continue to “shine brightly” and that Cruise will never shout at Atwell as he shouted at those crew members.