Tom Brady: I ​​was just having fun with coach Dungy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons

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Tony Dungy began his career as head coach at the Buccaneers and still calls Tampa home. But he won a Super Bowl in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning and could have won more than one if not for Tom Brady, who played for the Patriots and now plays for the Bucs.

After Dungy left Brady out of the top five defenders, Brady responded on Twitter on Tuesday night to a photo of Colts AFC 2014 finalist banner.

Brady has always been good at coming back.

The three-time MVP in the league and the four-time MVP in the Super Bowl have said he’s not a bad spirit.

“I was I’m just having fun; we’re just having fun. I was just referring to him as Indy head coach, not Bucs head coach, “Brady said when asked about his tweet in a video from ESPN’s Jenna Laine. “It simply came to our notice then. Coach Dungy knows I love him. I was just giving her a little pain.

“It simply came to my notice then. I gave her a little pain. Everything was fun. “

Brady, who has won six Super Bowls with the Patriots, has a 15-4 career against the fangs, including 4-1 in the postseason. Against the Colts coached by Dungy, Brady was 5-3 and 2-1 in the postseason.