Today, Sun Country’s maiden flight arrives on Roatán Island


More connectivity abroad and better opportunities for the tourism industry represent the arrival on this day of the airline’s first flight Sun Country that will have a direct flight from the city every week Minneapolis, in Minnesota, U.S to the island of Roatán.

Geovanny Rosa, general manager of the Honduran airport infrastructure and service company (Ehisa) stated that negotiations to acquire the airline started about two years ago, and it has been a success that they have already started operations.


Currently American Airlines, United, CM Airlines, Aerolineas Sosa and Lanhsa land in Roatán.

“Roatán was the destination from the start, the line representatives always saw the island as a tourist destination with many attractions,” he said.

The first flight, expected with much fanfare, will bring 105 from Minneapolis passengers.

While this year was crucial for the airport sector, first because of the pandemic and in the case of San Pedro SulaDue to the floods, the sights are already at 2021.

“By 2021, we will continue with our main pillar of ensuring operational security, enforcing the protocols of Biosecurity and maintain all service levels, ”said Rosa.


Flights from Minneapolis arrive every Friday at 3:15 PM and depart at 4:30 PM.

With regard to the next airport from San Pedro Sula, Ramon Villeda Morales In the process of cleaning up after the floods caused by storms Eta and Iota, Rosa said:

“We are continuing with the final work for the complete rehabilitation of the airport Ramon Villeda Morales placeholder image, one of our main goals. This will allow us to restore new route portfolios that were planned for December 2020 ”.

Happy and optimistic

Romeo Silvestri, entrepreneur of Roatan, stated that the arrival of the airline Sun Country it’s a great event.

“For us it is spectacular that such a prestigious new airline can emerge, with a 36-year history in commercial aviation, especially from an area where it is very important to us because there is a huge concentration of search engines going to the island. come. to spend your vacation and be able to enjoy the diving we have RoatanSilvestri said.

Sun Country can help us a lot by combining flights with the Northeast of U.S, is a cheap line that operates on a weekly basis Roatan.

This will certainly be an exposure window, not just for Roatan, but then for the country, ”said the well-known Caribbean businessman.

For his part, Emilio Silvestri, Secretary of Connectivity, said “It’s not just an exhibition window for that Roatanif not then Honduras”.