This is what Karol G looked and sang before she became famous!

Karol G surprises with his teen videos (Photo: Karol G – Instagram)

Before fame knocked on Karol G’s door, many knew that the Colombian expected nothing more than to succeed in a big way. As a teenager, Carolina used to post videos on the Internet in which she seemed to do very well in the complicated covers of English songs, and from there her talent was obvious.

This week, a series of videos posted by an account specializing in urban music artists began running on Instagram. The clips show a young Karol G with black hair, singing well inspired by English.

In the three videos, the 17-year-old reggaeton appears performing songs such as “I can not take My Eyes Off of You“.

The innate talent of the Bichota performer “does not need automatic adjustment”, the popular instrument with which the characteristic sounds of urban music are made.

Many applauded the simplicity and vocation of the performer coughing since adolescence. Even Karol G had shared a similar video a year ago, in which he recalled his beginnings in music.

Now she has become one of the most important women of art in the urban genre. She has even gained recognition at galas such as the MTV Europe Music Awards and being one of the most listened singers on digital platforms.

Below, you can enjoy videos of Colombian singing in English:

Karol G’s life took a 180-degree turn, if you look at who he was in these videos and the star he is today. Her life in the last year has gone through rumors about a breakup with her boyfriend Anuel AA, criticized for her weight, for her outfit and now, because she appears far from the networks.

But the truth is that this has also been a great year musically for Karol G and that he has won several world-renowned awards, while reflecting quite a bit on his personal changes.

For example, in the 21st edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, he had a magical participation performing a renewed version of his success. coughing.

All the royalty posed on the red carpet like all the famous Latinos of this day, but they received a lot of criticism for her elegant pink Dolce & Gabbana dress whose skirt read the phrase: “A man hit him hard, he doesn’t go sentimental anymore ”, One of the most recognized lyrics of his song Tusa.

Far from being silent, the Colombian jumped to respond on her Instagram profile to defend her look and made it clear that she doesn’t care at all what others think about her way of dressing.

“One of my dreams was to become a princess on a red carpet and feel like one … I don’t know if it’s a trend or not, I don’t care if it favors my body or not, for me it’s about fulfilling dreams. Today I felt like a queen, with the dress of my dreams, with a magical interpretation full of strong and talented women and a song that marked an entire generation, “the post said.