This is how Toño Mauri does it after receiving a lung transplant

Last Thursday, when the news came out that the actor Toño Mauri underwent a double lung transplant after the serious consequences caused by Covid-19, from that moment the details of his health were not known, it was his son who revealed recently the result of the intervention.

Through the various media, breaking news came as a surprise to everyone, apparently Toño MauriHe was stable and even he would have announced, “overcoming the condition”, thanking everyone for their constant interest and manifestations of affection.

However, on Thursday, 17 December, the latest reports reported that a “transplant double lung “, which was also confirmed by other sources who provided, was the cause of the serious damage suffered after contracting coronavirus since June last year with his family.

It should be noted that these types of surgeries are very complex and are performed on people whose organs are irreversibly damaged after they have been victims of this disease.

The son of Dr. Ávalos’ own actor in “To love without law“I explain that this would be one of the reasons that led them to decide that it would be best to undergo this surgery.

We brought him to Florida with some specialists and they told us that his lung has a lot of damage and that it would be very difficult for him to recover, so they saw that the best option was a transplant, “he explained. he.

Toño Mauri, now 56, was operated on at a hospital in the University of Florida in Gainesville, it must be remembered that the actor was under medical observation at Mount Sinai Hospital for several months.

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How is the recovery process going?

According to Antonio Mauri Jr., the actor will not stay in the hospital long.

Doctors estimate that in two or three weeks they will return home here, “he said in an interview for the Mexican television program” Venga la Alegría “on TV Azteca.

The son of Toño Mauri and Carla Alemán Magnani, Antonio, confirms that the recovery process of the actor and producer “looks good”.

We will continue to be close here to continue to monitor everything, but the doctors are happy. The truth is that everything is going very well. “

Obviously, this news calmed the family, who now hopes that Toño Mauri will be discharged very soon and will return home.

Even Antonio Jr. himself was very optimistic, because he was confident that the results of the operation were so good that his father “got up” the next day.

The morning after the operation he was already walking; which keeps doctors optimistic because it is synonymous with such a “rapid recovery”.

Finally, he concluded by stating that one of the first things they will do after the soap opera actor like “La Malquerida” and “El Privilegio de Amar”, Toño Mauri, may be home will be “thank God” and will be in -a special kind.

Everything went very well, “he added.” He always told us he wanted to do the rosary with the whole family. We are so excited to be able to pray with him the day he leaves and thank God he is here and so well.

Fortunately, Mauri and his family finally seem to see the light through the tunnel after facing the life-threatening condition, it was the environment “Sale el Sol” that confirmed the details of his alarming health and the whole process he went through until he came to this intervention that saved his life.

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“I don’t know the donor”

On the other hand, the son of the famous commented that I do not know who was the person for whom he thanks today, his father has another chance.

We don’t know who the donor is, we don’t have details, but we ask for him or her and her whole family. We are very grateful to who he was with “, commented Antonio Mauri on behalf of his family.