This is how a hater is closed: Toni Kroos and his response to a fan who criticized him – Diez

Toni Kroos He is a player who does not talk too much to the press, who uses his social networks a little and who knows how to respond to criticism on the field.

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In the last hours, the German put a hater on his website and even wished him a Merry Christmas, all after an arrow he received on Twitter.

“200 ball contacts per game, of which 190 go backwards or three to five meters to the side. That’s why he loads 20 million per season? He’s not a leader, he’s a tough one,” was what Fan Kroos said.

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The German did not hesitate to answer and his words for the user @MinassianArtur accumulated thousands of “appreciations” on the social network.

“Don’t underestimate the salary, Artur. The rest is fair, of course. Merry Christmas,” the Real Madrid footballer wrote.

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The merengue team is in a sweet moment of the season, being leaders in the Spanish league together with Atlético and in the second round of the Champions League.