They propose a better exchange of information to deal with crime in the Caribbean

The Dominican and American authorities agreed on the need to take advantage of new communication technologies to improve the exchange of information, to combat transnational crime and cooperation in natural disasters in the region more effectively.

This was expressed by the Minister of Defense Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa and the head of the Southern Command of the United States, Craig Faller, who expressed their interest that the convened nations be able to share their experiences.

These intentions were presented on the first day of the Caribbean Security Conference (Cansec) session, where they also indicated the importance of creating mechanisms for optimizing joint military operations.

Likewise, in the activity, the director of operations of the Ministry of Defense shared the results of the integration of the capabilities of the Armed Forces and the actions developed by the sanitary authorities.

Similarly, he cited support for the implementation of mechanisms such as time-lapse, epidemiological surveillance of C5i and patient care.

“This space has allowed us to show that we have a disciplined military component, organized and made available to our people, in a timely manner to ensure the protection of the population,” said Guerrero Clase.

At the end of the day, Díaz Morfa concluded by saying “without common information, it is as if we are blind. The Union is a force; we propose respect and that we can assume the protocols and guidelines that are necessary in common, in the end, important is the will, to solve any problem ”.