They present the code of ethics of ancestral medicine in Ecuador

He Ecuadorian Ministry of Public Health presented a The code of ethics from ancestral medicine and traditional nationalities and indigenous peoples of the country, in an international meeting, reported on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, the state portfolio.

One symbolic act, the authorities of the Ministry of Health launched the “Code of Ethics for Men and Women with the Wisdom of Ancestral Medicine in Ecuador”, before representative from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Switzerland and Bolivia and from the social organizations of the country’s original nations.

Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador guarantees ancestral and traditional health practices through recognition, respecting and promoting the use of their knowledge, medicines and tools, used by peoples and nationalities on the national territory, says an official statement.

Since 2017, they have participated in the elaboration of the Code delegates of the 15 nationalities and 18 indigenous peoples of Ecuador, in addition to the Montubio and Afro-Ecuadorian people.

The document includes several Criteria: systematization of concepts and definitions; philosophical statement; self-regulation of practitioners; and the self-empowerment of peoples and nationalities.

The national director of intercultural health, Miguel Quijije, thanked the representatives indigenous nationalities at the event and stressed that “this Code of Ethics reflects the knowledge that exists on Ecuadorian territory, which is millennial and is now visible.”

For her part, Araceli Burguete, a defender of indigenous rights and a professor at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National University of Mexico (UNAM), said that he is a “contribution relevant and creates a possibility for replication so that several communities on different continents can build through common knowledge. “

It is the first time a code of ethics has been developed to unite men and women with wisdom in coordination with the health portfolio, whose mission is to benefit from about seven million Ecuadorian who now see the ancestral knowledge embodied in it.

practice ancestral medicine was widely used during the current pandemic by various natives of Ecuador and other countries in the region, to mitigate or combat the effects of covid-19.