They fought for a PlayStation 5 in a Miami supermarket. The Colombian family arrested and the father about to be deported

Images of the capture of Colombians in the American supermarket.  Photo: Telemundo
Images of the capture of Colombians in the American supermarket. Photo: Telemundo

Using a PlayStation 5 video game console, a Colombian family provoked a confrontation at a Walmart supermarket in El Doral, South Florida. According to the testimony of one of those involved, the confrontation began when people in the store were informed that they did not have enough consoles for all customers.

After the supermarket employees approached the Colombians to tell them that there were only five consoles left, Juan Ramírez, the brother-in-law of one of the participants in the event, began to treat “belligerent” officials of the famous American chain.

After the man’s reaction, the store administrators contacted the Doral Police, and the officers came to neutralize the situation. However, the arrival of the men in uniform failed to calm the emotions of the Colombians at the possibility of not getting the game console they wanted.

The authorities’ report states that Officer Cristina Pacheco, who can be seen in the videos, It was sabotaged by Valeria Aguilar to prevent Martinez from being removed from the scene. While Aguilar was fighting with the authorities, she carried her four-month-old baby in her arms.

Later, Authorities say Aguilar punched Officer Pacheco, which the Colombian denies. The woman, who was still holding the baby, claimed that what happened was that “He lost control of his body and fell to the ground”, He told NBC Miami.

This led to a heated fight and a fight in the business parking lot. In the videos provided by those involved, it is seen that Aguilar uses force and does not cooperate with the police officer, who is trying to arrest the Colombians.

“My son. He hit me (…)”, “Leave me”, “Claim your rights. He did nothing”, These are the words that can be recorded at the time of the capture of the woman, who was arrested along with Martínez, her brother-in-law and her father, Fredie Aguilar, who was also in the unit. The latter will have a greater impact on his actions, as he has been found to be an undocumented immigrant.

Image of the captured, Fredie Aguilar.  Photo: Doral Police Department
Image of the captured, Fredie Aguilar. Photo: Doral Police Department

According to Telemundo, Immigration agents formalized an arrest warrant for Fredie Aguilar, who was awaiting deportation by the Executive Department for Immigration Review.

According to El Nuevo Herald reports, the woman’s father tried to grab the police by the collar of his shirt, in an attempt to prevent the capture of his daughter. Among the attacks, it can be shown that “Hands, feet and teeth” against the officer to resist control of the authorities. When she was overtaken, Officer Pacheco requested reinforcements and eventually arrested the three Colombians, who were taken to Doral Station.

“My husband was behind to protect the baby,” explained Adriana Correa, the mother and wife of Aguilar of one of the detainees. “My father did not touch his face. My father is innocent. “ Valeria said.

Fredie Aguilar and Adriana Correa, Valeria Aguilar's parents.  Photo: Telemundo
Fredie Aguilar and Adriana Correa, Valeria Aguilar’s parents. Photo: Telemundo

The authorities decided to review the facts through the audiovisual material that was obtained. For this reason, they did not comment further.

“I saw a video of the incident, which took place on Thursday, December 10, in which a Doral Police officer was physically assaulted. For reasons of transparency, the matter is being examined. We have no other comment at this time “, Rey Valdés, a spokesman for the local police department, condemned the Nuevo Herald.

This is not the first to transcend the video game console. There have been robberies, fights and even online scams all over the world due to the difficult obtaining of the device and its high market price.


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