They find reasons for the arrest of the boy Dylan Caleb Vega in Humacao

Today, the Humacao Court found the cause of arrest of the stepfather and mother of the 2-year-old boy, Dylan Caleb Vega, whose skeleton was found in Humacao.

The director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) in the Humacao area, Teddy Morales, indicated that the accusations were filed this morning against Leslie Pagán Díaz, 25, and José E. Santiago Maymí, 31.

Morales has indicated that he denounces the allegations for first-degree murder, child abuse and destruction of evidence.

Judge Enid Cristina Rivera García of the Humacao Court of First Instance established the probable cause in the allegations and imposed a a global bond of $ 1,500,000 for each of the defendants, which was not borrowed by both. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 30, 2020.

In a press release, the Justice Department reported that the investigation shows that the child “She was the victim of a pattern of abuse that caused her death.”

“In addition, after the minor’s death, both defendants removed the child’s body, leaving it abandoned, without informing the authorities, on the banks of the Patagonia River in Humacao, where his skeleton was found on September 21, 2020 by Humacao Homicide Division agents.” he added.

For his part, Morales stressed “this case consists of documentary, scientific and testimonial evidence.”

However, he declined to comment on the woman’s alleged confession when she was arrested for other events – a robbery – on September 21st.

“Later we will work with the evidence that will be presented at trial, depending on what the defense presents. We have enough evidence to prove the case without the need for a confession, “Morales said.

Part of the information that emerged is that the mother was the one who indicated the place where the remains were and who led the authorities to find them.

That day, Morales told El Nuevo Día that “we did not reach the skeleton by chance, we are not predictors. I received information about where the skeleton was, which is not the same as confession or admission. “

At this time, the child’s stepfather and mother were already in prison after finding a reason for arrest for another case related to robbery and violation of the law of arms.

The timing of these allegations was largely due to the scientific tests to which the skeleton had to undergo to confirm the identity of the victim.

Only on October 21 last year, the Institute of Legal Sciences was able to confirm that, in fact, it was the remains of a child, after the skeleton was subjected to genetic material evaluations by a forensic anthropologist.