They criticize Jenny Rivera’s son for taking unwanted food to the grave

It’s been a few days Eight years of that tragic plane crash in which Jenni Rivera he lost his life, which is why both fans and friends and family they remembered her with love.

However, his youngest son Johnny Lopez provoked strong criticism showing the moment when visited the tomb from “La Diva de la Banda”.

Johnny shared through his social networks present which Jenni left on the tombstone: a bag of chips and one Chocolate.

jenni rivera grave

This gift provoked trouble of some fans of the singer, who thought it was a lack of respect in his memory, but there were others who defended him by making sure he was alone a personal ritual.

Many will say ridiculous, because they are not the ones they lost a mother, If that caresses him, leave him, that young man was left without a young mother and father‘ “Maybe his mother liked it a lot, I don’t see evil, cute“are some of the accepted messages Johnny.

It is worth mentioning that on the Day of the Dead 2019, Mrs. RosaJenni’s mother posted a video in which she is heard saying, “They’ve already brought Jenni Doritos and their beer, let’s see if he doesn’t throw it“, so it is understood that those foods they were the favorites The singer.

johnny lopez