The US government will revoke visas from those on the “Angel List” | News from El Salvador

The US government will send Congress the list of people involved in corruption.

The “Angel List” is the generic name commonly given to the list containing the new Enhanced Law of Engagement with the Northern Triangle.

It is known that way because this arrangement was promoted by prominent congressman Eliot Engel, who was well aware of the situation in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and staunch critic of the undermining of institutionality by politicians in the area.

An adviser to the United States Congress explained to the Guatemalan newspaper La Hora who will be the main persons responsible for compiling this list of characters who violate democracy or who from their positions of power are involved in corruption.

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“The main actors to conduct these investigations are the State Department, the White House and the Treasury Department in the North American country, while in Guatemala it will be the embassy because they are there in the country and they be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. there in Guatemala, ”that advisor told the media.

The United States tends to revoke visas from people who violate human rights or commit corruption in their country, as happened recently in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Another of the measures commonly taken by the United States is to freeze assets in that country and deny entry even to relatives of the official accused of corruption in their home country.

Engel hinted that the power of this new regulation will help strengthen democracy in the region and placed his hopes on its application from 2021.

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