The United States restricted access to the land for Chinese officials accused of human rights violations

In the image, United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo (EFE / Greg Nash / File)
In the image, United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo (EFE / Greg Nash / File)

The United States government has imposed new restrictions the entry into the country of Chinese officials accused of human rights violationsamid mounting tensions between Washington and Beijing and a month after President Donald Trump’s departure from the White House.

The decision “demonstrates the US government’s determination to hold the Communist Party of China accountable for the growing oppression of the Chinese people,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement quoted by the agency. AFP.

The Authoritarian Rulers of China impose draconian restrictions on the freedom of expression, religion, association and assembly of the Chinese people. The United States has made it clear that perpetrators of such human rights violations are not welcome in our country, ”he said.

The families of these officials could also be reached by the measure, he added.

The Relations between China and the United States have deteriorated rapidly in recent years, Faced primarily with Beijing’s military expansion in the South China Sea, the increasing repression and restriction of freedoms in Hong Kong, the crackdown on Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic,

A “vocational education center” established by Beijing to monitor the Muslim population in Xinjiang (REUTERS / Thomas Peter / Archives)

On Friday The United States has added 77 companies, including 60 in China, to the export blacklist, therefore none of these companies will have access to major US technology. The list includes Huawei, ZTE since Friday the gignate of SMIC semiconductors.

Nor is it the first time Waashingon has imposed restrictions on the access of Chinese officials.

On December 5, the White House announced new restrictions on obtaining visas by Chinese officials. and the cancellation of five cultural exchange programs with residents of the Asian country, as reported by the North American country’s State Department.

The first of the resolutions concerns officials from the United Front Department for Workers, an organization that is part of the Chinese government.

In a statement, this organization is accused of using “coercive” methods and intimidation “Members of academia, business and civil society” as well as Chinese emigrants who have denounced human rights violations in Tibet, Xinjiang and “other parts of the country”.

In the text, Pompeo calls on China to end “the use of coercion and intimidation as a tactic to suppress freedom of expression”.

With information from AFP and Reuters

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