The Spirit Airlines plane has lost sight of the snow in Maryland

Virginia, United States.

An airplane van Spirit Airlines went off track after a complex Nations Bee Thurgood Marshall International Airport, of Maryland, for thes slippery conditions after the passage of the tormenta invernal Gail, local media reported.

The aircraft was carrying 111 passengers and members of the crew. At the moment I don’t know reported injuries.

The passengers were transferred by bus to the terminal at Baltimore airport after this morning’s accident.

The flight took off from Las Vegas landed in town this morning and four hours later Baltimoreand, according to FlightAware.

The east coast of the USA was plagued by a mighty one winter Stormwhich, according to the National Meteorological Service, would leave a maximum of two feet of snow in some regions in the northwest.

Airlines canceled hundreds of flights, preventing many, some from returning home Christmas, will travel.

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