The second round of vaccines will arrive in New Mexico on Monday

In total, twenty-two hospitals will receive the second wave of Pfizer vaccines in the state. The vaccines will be shipped from the DOH warehouse by Tuesday.

Health workers say the vaccine is key to controlling the pandemic, but they want people to know they shouldn’t let their guard down.

“And while a safe and effective vaccine is our best hope for going beyond what we experienced during this COVID-19 pandemic, it does not mean that our precautionary behavior should change. immediately, “said Dr. Denise Gonzales, chief physician for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “We must continue to practice social distance, wear masks and practice good hand hygiene, washing our hands frequently and washing them well.”

New Mexico has also been waiting for the delivery of the Moderna vaccine since Monday. Matt Nerzig, a state spokesman, said the shipment is expected to total 31,600 doses.

Staff and residents of long-term care units and nursing homes will have priority for Moderna vaccines.