The release of love! Kim Kardashian is with a woman, they say

Kim Kardashian will be out of the closet! This was provided by Mhoni Seer in one of his predictions from the Here with you program. The famous Cuban seer was asked about the sentimental situation of the famous couple made up of socialite and rapper Kanye West, to which he replied emphasizing that there is someone else and it is not a third party in dispute, but a third party.

According to anyone who became famous because of his predictions in the Sabadazo program, Kim Kardashian opened up to love again and put her eyes and feelings on nothing more and nothing less than a woman and this girl is the reason why He- the separation from Kanye West has already begun.

Mhoni Vidente shared in her predictions section to everyone’s surprise that Kim Kardashian “will come out of the closet”, because her story with this woman will be made public. The new love of the star The Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a very close friend of the star, said Mhoni.

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An exclusive, Kim and Kanye West are definitely separating, but here’s the reasons for Kim, she certainly releases a love and she’s a woman. Kim meets a woman, remember that she and Paris Hilton were close friends, she worked for Paris and Kim went upstairs. Kim, I definitely saw her very, very in love with a woman who is very close to her and will come to light thanks to Kanye West, said the clairvoyant star.

As Mhoni pointed out, he will be the same rapper who reveals Kim Kardashian’s love and he is really confused and disoriented.

Kanye West, who brings the letter from the gallows completely …, who feels totally unprotected, will announce that he is separated because of a woman, that he is also very much in love with the artistic environment … that it will be a scandal.

The Cuban stressed that he is a man or a woman, love is love and he must always defend himself and kim Kardashian must be respected, even if it will be a huge scandal.

But love is love gentlemen, was Mhoni Seer’s reaction.

Recently, some American media found out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were living “separate lives” and everything indicated that a divorce from the couple was near. If Mhoni Seer’s prediction is true, a woman would be the ultimate reason for their separation.

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In recent months, Kim Kardashian’s relationship and Kanye West It was like a roller coaster of emotions. It all started after a rally held by the rapper, when he was campaigning to become president of the United States.

West talked about more when he confessed that he and Kim believed that North, their eldest daughter, would not be born. As she reported, Kim Kardashian did not stop crying and had a few pills in her hand with which she assured that she would put an end to the problem quickly. The celebrity ended up crying.

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The revelation has become powerful news that has spread around the world, and there are those who claim that Kanye’s indiscretion greatly hurt the leader of the Kardashian clan. After this situation, Kanye West alerted his followers by sharing some messages that sounded pretty crazy on his Twitter account.

The rapper assured that Kim and Kris Jenner They were planning to shut him down and had already agreed with a doctor for this purpose, so he hid from his family for quite some time. Kim Kardashian could not keep quiet and made public that the famous smuggling with a mental disorder.