The President opens his new residence in La Julia

The presidential family will welcome the new year in a mansion overlooking the sea, located on Doctor Núñez and Domínguez streets, in La Julia, in this city. President Luis Abinader, his wife Raquel Arbaje and their three daughters moved into their new home last weekend, but although they tried to do so discreetly, it was impossible. LISTÍN DIARIO also found out.

Abinader and his family occupied an apartment in Torre Lloret del Mar, in the expansion of Paraíso, an area where traffic is regularly congested due to the number of vehicles circulating there. However, in his new residence, which is about a kilometer from the neighborhoods of El Manguito de La Feria and Mata Hambre, as well as close to the residential areas of La Esperilla and San Gerónimo, it has a four-lane road with almost zero traffic. .

In this sector where the 911 system also works, it consists of residences that simulate palaces and where you can hear the birds singing.

The new home of the Abinader Arbaje family is the result of the merger of two houses and they turned it into a residence in which they printed a minimalist style, which stands out from the perspective of those who pass, where there are huge and elegant traditional residences. A team of police officers jealously guarded the place was placed in front of the residence.

Despite the fact that Raquel Arbaje owns an exclusive store of furniture and household items, the presidential couple used funerary goods from their old house for the new house.

And it is that last Saturday, when they started moving, the street where they lived was closed, so that the company that loaded their furniture has more facilities to do so.

The visit made by the team of reporters LISTÍN DIARIO to the home of President Abinader drew attention to the kindness of the police officers, because, despite being jealous of the president’s safety, they did not hinder the work of the communicators. Of course, they asked for the reporters’ identification, photographed it and then allowed them to take photos and videos of the mansion.


In the affidavit of the president’s assets, it was mentioned that he had two apartments, one of which is valued at 35,400,000 US dollars and a residence for the amount of 1,339,410 US dollars.


The La Julia residential complex consisted of single-family houses and plots of over a thousand square meters, but now apartment towers are being built.