The potential COVID-19 wave after the holidays could have a “catastrophic impact”, experts warn

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CDC to recommend next round of COVID-19 vaccines for adults 75 years of age and older

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults aged 75 and over and those with key roles, such as first responders, teachers, farm workers, prison guards, grocery store workers and public transport employees should or next in line for COVID-19 vaccines, as recommended by a CDC advisory committee and published by the CDC on Tuesday. The full recommendations are available to the public for states, local officials and employers when they decide who to vaccinate as more doses and more first-stage people, health workers and nursing home residents become available, and in long-term care institutions, they are vaccinated. Exactly when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available for the first line of essential workers will be decided by each state, which can also establish its own lists of people in essential jobs who will qualify and how the counties or employers he should decide who to vaccinate first.