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(Photo: Netflix)

(Photo: Netflix)

It’s 2020 Netflix brought to his catalog a lots of original content. Among the most popular productions was the series, but due to its importance number of prizes it is likely that many of them have gone unnoticed by Followers, despite the fact that it is incredibly good.

It’s time to give them a second chance. Below we have compiled seven original Netflix series to watch and discover soon excellent plots.

The popularity may not have been on their side or they may not have even occupied the top positions of the most viewed, but they all maintain their of her kind excellent proposal for those moments when we think we’ve seen it all.

Alice in Bordereland

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Released a few weeks before the end of the year, this Japanese series follows a lazy and unemployed young man with a passion for video games, named Arisu. When he meets his best friends they realize that they are in an alternative and deserted city in Tokyo, where they have to overcome various challenges in order to survive. In this strange and cruel world, Arisu meets Usagi, a girl who faces games alone. As they risk their lives, they will try to uncover the mysteries of this The Machiavellian universe.

The night road

Photo: Kindness Netflix.

The original Belgian series It hit the Netflix catalog in May without much hype or promotion. However, who saw it could check the suspense purer in his plot, which pursues a group of people fleeing sunlight, which caused thousands of deaths worldwide. The production was so well received that a second season is expected, despite the fact that it failed to predominate in the most watched in different countries.


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In the near future there is a city where every person they live under daily supervision of a small drone, feeding data to a supercomputer without human access. The crime has practically disappeared, because the system would catch anyone, until one day it will fail. “Omniscient,” says Nina’s story, a girl who finds the father killed without the device keeping any records.


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Released in August last year in the Netflix catalog, this series of German suspense continues the great good that other original productions of the company have achieved. The world of genetics has never been so bleak as reflected in the series that follows Mia in her quest to learn the buried secrets. She will constantly have to decide between her principles and emotions, between family revenge and protect your new friends.

It would be Netflix
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Based on a literary novel of the same name, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” is a British miniseries of mysterious thriller. The protagonist has a revelation from someone you don’t know. Since then, he has entered a desperate search for the truth. Nothing will be the same and even, will exceed the limits.

The theft of the century

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He’s coming from Colombia this series based on real events. The production tells the incredible story of the biggest money robbery in history of the South American country. 24 billion pesos were stolen from the Banco de la República de Valledupar in 1994. Any resemblance to “Paper House” they will not reach the stage of these thieves when they discover that it is falling 6 tons of banknotes from one of the safest safes in the world it will be the simplest part of the operation.


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In the 1960s, the hematologist Dr. Refaat Ismail it becomes a subject to turn to paranormal investigations. The Netflix series presents a different kind of horror than we are used to, in one original production from Egypt.

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