The mayor of Los Angeles announces he will not be joining Biden’s administration

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric GarcettiEric Garcetti The Governor Who Stole Christmas – And The California Firms Fighting Buttigieg Top List For Biden Transportation Secretary: CNN Pavlich: Democrat’s Coronavirus Class War MORE (D) said on Thursday that he has turned down an unspecified role in the president-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenBooker: Proposed COVID-19 Emergency Bill Is ‘Far Away’ From Desired Pandemic Aid For States And Communities Trump To Name Giuliani’s Son For Holocaust Memorial Council Role to put: report MORE‘s administration.

“I let them know early this week that my city needs me now, I want to be here and I need to be here,” said Garcetti, who served as co-chair of the campaign for Biden and is on its inaugural committee. .

The mayor added that he had gone into quarantine after his nine-year-old daughter tested positive for the coronavirus, although he said he and his wife had both tested negative.

“Our family is incredibly careful and what’s happening at my house this week is set in Los Angeles and this country,” he said in a live address Thursday, according to Deadline.

Garcetti was reportedly one of the names that came forward for Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, a role for which he nominated former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg this week.

Black Lives Matter activists in the Los Angeles area have spoken out against the possibility of Garcetti joining the government, citing his response to protests in the city this year.

“It is extremely disheartening that Biden ignored the calls from Black organizers who helped him choose and nominate Garcetti for a position the next day. [Los Angele Police Department] LAPD violently assaulted protesters in front of the mayor’s mansion, ”BLM LA co-founder Melina Abdullah told Deadline earlier this month. “We hope this will be nothing more than a consolation prize and that Biden will heed the call not to appoint one of the country’s most problematic mayors to his cabinet.”

Garcetti, who was re-elected in 2017, has a limited term and will leave office in 2022.