The judge releases the name of the teenage murder suspect of Carlsbad, new surveillance images

CARLSBAD, California (KGTV) – At a virtual hearing on Tuesday, a San Diego judge ordered the name of the teenager who is accused of killing a woman on a Carlsbad route. However, the images of his face were ordered to remain private.

Defense lawyer Haloa Beaudet, 17, denies the allegations.

He is suspected of stabbing Lisa Thorborg on the Hosp Grove route in November. “His DNA was found on the victim. We have him running on surveillance away from the crime scene at a time that is consistent with the time of death, “said a detective.

The prosecutor’s office showed a picture of his surveillance camera running barefoot on the street, away from the runway at 11:25 a.m. the day Thorborg died. “We believe she died around 11:10 a.m., about 15 minutes after she was killed,” the detective said.

Other images with surveillance cameras that were presented at the hearing caught the teenager on the same track in the days after the murder.

Detectives said he was arrested a few days later for appearing on the runway. Once arrested, a sample of his DNA was taken. “Eventually, they discovered that the DNA in [Haloa’s swabs] matched the male DNA on Mrs. Thorborg’s shorts, “said a detective.

Detectives also said that a pair of flip-flops that I think belong to the teenager were discovered near Thorborg. His defense attorney claimed that Thorborg could have discovered and picked up these flip-flops, as his DNA had brought him.

The teenager’s lawyer said there were no grounds for a murder. His grandmother told the judge she had no history of violence.

The judge ruled that the case could go ahead.

Beaudet’s next hearing is scheduled for January 25of.

The teenager is ordered to remain in detention for the time being.