The Houston Rockets, NBA, are reviewing the video of the James Harden strip club, sources say

The Houston Rockets and NBA are watching videos of James Harden going to a strip club without a mask to determine if he violated the league’s COVID-19 protocols, jeopardizing the availability of the All-Star perennial for the opening season in Houston on Wednesday night stated sources for ESPN.

The video, which was published by Black Sports Online and circulated on social networks, is supposed to be from the Christmas party of a strip club in Houston, organized this week. The Rockets and the league office are trying to see if it really is a recent video that would confirm that Harden violated the league’s protocols.

NBA’s COVID-19 protocols prohibit players from going to bars, lounges or clubs and attending social gatherings of more than 15 people.

Under health and safety protocols, failure or failure to comply could subject a player to disciplinary action by the NBA or its team, including a warning, fine, and / or suspension, as well as an obligation to attend an education or training session. . Offenders may be subject to increased discipline.

A suspension would cost Harden $ 284,517 per game, or 1/145 of his salary.

Harden, who asked to be changed, violated the league’s COVID-19 protocols during his short innings at the start of training camp, when he attended Atlanta rapper Lil Baby’s birthday party and attended clubs in Las Vegas. . The league asked Harden to have six consecutive days of negative coronavirus testing before authorizing him to practice with the Rockets.

Sources told ESPN that Harden had COVID-19 over the summer before the resumption of the NBA season, which is why he was late to report the league’s Walt Disney World ball. Players who have recovered from coronavirus must continue to follow the league’s health and safety protocols.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks contributed to this report.