The government justifies the delivery of RD $ 100 million to artists

The administrative minister of the presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, said that with the delivery of 100 million pesos to the artists, the intention was to help a class that needs help. “It is important to understand what caused this and what the intention is. The intention is to help a class that needs help, just as others need it, and that the Government has responded and tried to provide very timely help. That is the purpose of this collaboration, “said Paliza.

After learning that the director of the government’s social policy office, José Francisco “Tony” Peña Guaba, gave artists 100 million pesos to deal with the crisis generated in that sector due to the coronavirus, the citizens showed their rejection through networks. before the delivery of resources, given that this sector did not need it. Paliza explained that other sectors also need help and that the Government has come to their aid as far as possible.

“Just as workers and doctors need it, there are other sensitive areas of various tasks that need a helping hand, and the government has tried to lend a hand in the possibility of each of these sectors,” he said. He assured that the Government reacted to the defects committed in the employment process, “it must be understood that this issue has been deeply debated in the media in recent weeks, the Government reacted to … as a result of some defects, some errors occurred in the hiring process ”.

Sector affected by the pandemic

“The government reacted as a result of mistakes that occurred in the hiring process.” He said it could have been done in a better way, but that the intention was to help.