The Destructoid Award for Best Mobile Game of 2020 goes to …

The impact of Genshin

I will be honest with you: this was not even a close vote.

While mobile platforms have seen a wide variety of great games throughout 2020, there has not been just one phenomenon that goes beyond the global phenomenon. The impact of Genshin. Rejected as a simple Wild breath clone when first revealed, The impact of Genshin proved that it wasn’t just an anime retelling of Nintendo’s masterpiece when it was released last September.

MiHoYo’s extended adventure has raised the bar for what players can expect from gacha games on the platform. Honestly, it will be hard to go back to those free RPGs where I only choose one place on the map and fight a few waves of enemies. I know that not every mobile developer has funding to match the creation of MiHoYo, but hopefully its success will push those publishers who have spent a lot of time over time to intensify their game.

With a switching port on the road and a few highly anticipated updates and declining content in progress, there’s a decent chance The impact of Genshin will dominate the free-to-play scene in 2021, just as it did in the back half of 2020.

Genshin Impact Game of the Year