The Christmas update of GTA Online brings snow and more cars to Los Santos

It is the most wonderful time of the week and, it seems, the year for the people of Los Santos. GTA Online’s weekly updates now appear on a Tuesday, instead of Thursday, because, well, the Cayo Perico update was released last week on December 15th. Regardless, though, people stick their heads in to see what’s new, because the Christmas update is here.

First of all, it’s snowing! Rockstar brings winter to Los Santos every December and is one of those wonderful events that gives me an explosion of nostalgia. It’s a minor change to your regular GTA Online routines, but it’s still fun to go out and hit people with snowballs before they inevitably throw a hand grenade at you. There are also a lot of festive goodies, such as ugly masks and sweaters, that sound like festivities too.

There is a lot of other new content to deal with the recent Cayo Perico update. You can now buy Itali RSX and Veto Modern cars for $ 2,598,750 and $ 995,000, respectively. Brioso 300 is also available for free if you want to get a new pair of wheels for nothing. If you need to pick up a bit of dosh and get bored of the latest hoist, then you can get double the reward for how your opponent enters and exits.

Oh, and it is also worth noting that if you complete all of Keinemusik’s requests, you can get this beauty:

If you would like to see the full list of changes before Rockstar posts an update to its newswire, then you can find a summary on Twitter and Reddit.

If it is help for the new hoist you are looking for, then our team of hardworking guides has completed the GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions and all the secondary targets to help you.

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