The Callisto protocol gives up an extraordinary red tape trailer, the game does not cooperate

The Callisto protocol gave a lot of heads to The Game Awards, but the debut trailer of the new horror game Dead-Space was missing something – gore. Sure, I’ve seen a beautiful alien monster groping mud, but not killing. Well, a new extended red-tape version of The Callisto Protocol trailer has been released and offers all the tentacles and death you could wish for. Check it yourself, provided you have a strong stomach.

The visual images of the Callisto protocol are almost too detailed, the developers had to form it back

Before unveiling the new extended trailer, The Callisto Protocol creates Glen Schofield and Steve Papoutsis in a short question and answer. Most of the topics covered were things we heard about, but they also touched on the important issue of cooperation. Many would argue that Schofield’s Dead Space series lost its way when it began to focus on cooperative play, so I report with some relief that the Callisto Protocol will be strictly single-player. Here’s what Schofield said about it …

This is a story we wanted to tell and the best way to tell it was to be a single player game. Sometimes, when you join the cooperative, you go in different directions and you don’t watch the story as well and not only that, I wanted you to be alone. That makes this really scary.

Need to know more about the Callisto Protocol? You can get more details here. Schofield has promised that the game will largely stick to the formula he set in the Dead Space games.

You know, [I] I have a certain style and I can’t get rid of my style. My style has grown and may have matured a bit, but it’s my style. I’m sure there will be some familiar vibes in the game.

The Callisto protocol comes sometime in 2022. The platforms have not been specified.