The benefits of a sense of community. Extend your life expectancy!

Do you get along with your neighbors, the bartender at your favorite cafe and someone? Congratulations, the feeling of community prolongs your life expectancy.

Recently the diary New York Times published a study by Dr. Mark Granovetter, professor at Stanford University, which details how valuable the exercise of “weak connections‘. I mean all this relationships that are not primary (family and friends) and high schools (colleagues, teachers or neighbors). By maintaining a cordial treatment with each group, you are adding at least five years of life, since he has a warm environment promotes your health, it makes you more empathy and gives you a feeling of belonging, while fueling your emotional intelligence. That is why it is important to have sense of community!

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Have your guilt tastes

If you often have to apologize or hide your appreciation of what you like in order not to be criticized, stop doing it. Research at the University of Texas ensures that these things define us as unique and unrepeatable individuals. Denying what makes us happy makes us inhibit and fear. So, the next time someone tells you that your favorite show or movie is terrible, ignore it!

Help has positive effects

In a study of 500 adults with different economic levels, their personal growth was assessed based on their ability to cooperate or support others, and the results were amazing, says Harvard University biologist Robert Lue. while finding that People who were more likely to share their resources and time were also the healthiest physically and emotionally healthy, while those who did not practice this habit were usually people with problems. digestive and states.

Did you know …

Does yogurt contribute to muscle development, bone health and cell regeneration? This is due to its micronutrients, various minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, as well as vitamins A, D and B complex (B2, B3 and B12).

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